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paintblack éditions is a factory that produces images and fonts.
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"I used to be darker, then I got lighter, then I got dark again"
Bill Callahan.


Laurent Savoie (Paintblack Editions) is the French creator of the 3d paint emulation font Paintblack (2009), of the alphading pkSLD (2010), of the ultra grunge faces Jeremiah (2010, after the 1972 Sydney Pollack film Jeremiah Johnson), Outsider (2010), Mika Teuf (2010: done by Tristan Savoie) and Guignol's Band (2010), of the 3d outline face Dead Wallace (2010), and of Minotaure (2011), The quick monkey (2011), OE RMX, OE dans l'O (2009), Anti-Folk PK (2009), PK&Co (2010, brush), Mekano (2010), Do It Yourself (or DIY) (2010), D The Hero (2010, grunge), The Quick Monkey (2011, ransom note face), Cool Hand PK (2011), Figure Writing (2011, Treefrog-style hand), and Yo La Tengo (2009). Dafont link. .Fontspace link.
[source : On Snot and Fonts]